Our History

Allow us to introduce you to the Smith Family: Mark, Stephanie, Townsend and Marklie. All are local Horry County natives. Stephanie was born and raised in Conway, South Carolina and Mark was raised in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

After a few years of dating, Mark and Stephanie got married at their small Episcopal church in North Myrtle Beach in 2003. They have since been blessed with two children, Townsend Monroe and Marklie Annibelle.

As small business owners with deep roots in the community, they are always looking to improve and focus on their existing business ventures, while also creating new businesses that are needed in our rapidly growing area. Being entrepreneurs is second nature to the both of them; it’s just in their blood. Over the years, Mark and Stephanie have started, operated and even sold some businesses in order to elevate themselves within the Grand Strand community – always with White Oak in mind. The Venue at White Oaks Farms has been a dream venture of the Smith Family for years and they’re as excited as ever to have finally made that dream a reality. Now is the time to ask you to join their family in this journey that we all call life, and let them share their dream property to make your dream come true!

About the Property

The Venue at White Oaks Farm is 75 acre of forest, pasture and gracefully manicured grounds surrounding a beautiful, unique all-season and all-occasion venue. Located in the small community of Longs, South Carolina only 9 miles from North Myrtle Beach, 1 mile off of Highway 9. The location could not be better, a little bit of town and country with a modern-day minimalist and industrial farm style flare. It’s simply an unmatched location and a one of a kind venue to gather the ones you love.

Before The Smith’s purchased the property, it was farmland like most of the area at one point in time or another. The property was a family farm cultivated with some of the area’s local crops. In 2015, Mark and Stephanie purchased the property from a former teacher of Mark’s at his childhood elementary school, Mrs. Huggins. As larger tracts of land have been snatched up to for development for the ever expanding Myrtle Beach, they acquired this property to create something amazing for the community, and also for people from afar. The farmland was purchased with a simple goal in mind: to create a private event and wedding venue unlike any other in or around the Myrtle Beach area.

The Smiths also plan to create a flourishing vineyard to add to the area’s diverse small business setting, but like most things, they have to start one phase at a time. Planning and transforming the property into the best version of itself took years. The future has many bright and exciting things planned for the growing and evolving layout for the property.

White Oaks Farm


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