Wedding Venue: Indoor or Outdoor?

A floral chandelier on our beautiful arches definitely elevates you wedding day!
Also, make sure that your florist is familiar with your wedding venue!

Every couple must go through a few main factors when first planning your wedding. Determining whether to have inside and/or outdoor areas involved at your wedding venue of choice is a major factor to consider! Whether it is for your outdoor wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, seating areas, or any other specialty area, finding the right location for certain aspects of your wedding can be a major decision.

Outside Ceremony at Your Wedding Venue

Imagine walking down the aisle with the sun in the sky, a light breeze blowing, with soft music in the distance leading to your future spouse. Having an outdoor wedding can be absolutely magical! Depending on the venue you’ve chosen, having additional options to host your family and friends can lead to new ideas.

2024 brings new trends to all future newlyweds. Outdoor weddings are having a resurgence with new heights of elegance and enchantment. Many of this years weddings are opting for more natural settings to accompany all additional floral arrangements. Whether you have large installments or whimsical minimal pieces, having an outdoor wedding also allows for options of technological trends to make an appearance.

Our black steel gates make a great wedding ceremony site or even a venue photo op!
Sometimes a little greenery is all that you need to create the perfect outdoor wedding backdrop!

Creative ways to use technology on wedding days can be used to your advantage with outdoor weddings. From aerial drone footage, cold spark fireworks, 360 booths or outdoor entertainment you will have many extra surprises to enjoy! Check out our gallery for inspirational photos.

No matter your style, needs or wants the foundation of your event is the location! Start by determining you and your spouses ideas to find the perfect place to share this special moment with your friends and family. Having options for both indoor and outdoor areas can create even more opportunities for you to express your style and add more room for fun surprises while also providing space incase of inclement weather! Being prepared for any possibility will take care of any last minute changes that might have to be made.

White Oaks Farm

White Oaks is a classic, yet stylish wedding venue in Myrtle Beach, that captures the essence of southern charm with a contemporary touch.

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