New Year, New Weddings, New Trends

Every year the wedding industry and couples see new color palettes, decorations, florals, and trends. You might be searching for that *something* that no one else thought of, but of course inspiration has to come from somewhere! Here we are to showcase 2023 wedding trends, vendors, and ideas that we see making their mark this year!

2023 is here and with it, NEW IDEAS!


Arbors & Backdrops

At the Venue at White Oaks Farm, we’ve been witness to the rise trends that turn into gorgeous backdrops. This touch of artistic detail can go with any type of theme from elegant, whimsical, to rustic and boho.

Geometric Arbors can be made to extraordinary as they give a modern look combined with your imagined. additions!

Of course, the use of doors and box arbors are heavily used as well!

The real difference from previous uses of arbors, is the forethought into making it a multi use decoration! Making sure that the arbor is easy to move, able to change in shape or setup and moving it inside to add to the reception. Doing so means an opportunity to make any area into a statement piece!


Statement Pieces

Striking statement floral pieces have slowly been stealing the show when it comes to wedding trends. The versatile look of statement pieces has many couples adding one or more to their wedding day look! By putting the focus on just the florals you have the ability to make unique shapes that opens the door for a whole new world of possibilities.


After Party Dress

One big trend that many weddings are following is the change from ceremony to dance party! Why just one dress when you can have TWO?! This lets you have the gorgeous look of a ceremony gown and then getting into the flow of the party with a fun dress!


Specialty Vendors

Specialty vendors can be anything from bouncy castles, food trucks, ice cream vendors, coffee, live musicians to anything unique that you can think of! Entertaining your guests can seem like a big task and finding ways to make your night memorable can easily be remedied by finding amazing vendors. Not all trends are created equally, but having a professional and confident vendor can make the quality of your special add-ons worth it!

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